They say

​They say take out 10-20 minutes to  walk everyday but her body is pushing her down forcing her to lay down and burst. 

They say sit in silence for atleast 10 minutes each day but her thoughts seem to cross her mind every single moment

They say try to make smile atleast three people each day but she is trying to wipe her tears. 

They say count your blessings but she can only count her curse.

                                        –Reva Rajput 



​With every single step she takes towards her home, feels like she is drowning in deep water. Confided within four walls between lovely people, but never felt loved. Where she never gets an eraser to rectify her mistakes. Gatherings of mature people but becomes a child whenever she does something wrong, unintentionally. 

At tea time, every sip of tea feels like poison which is killing her inside. With every sip, her eyes gaze every successful person yet failures in life. Thinking is this what she deserves.? 

Having tea yet carving for love, caring for every single thing she deserves but hasn’t got yet.But life tricked her, she thought it would kill her but it made her.

                              – Reva Rajput