This is the first time when I am responding to daily prompt word-dilemma. Give your suggestion also๐Ÿ˜€

Her parents said ‘NO’

With tears in her eyes she plead her parents to allow her to pursue ‘management’ 

“You are a girl and you are  not capable of doing the work that is required at the  top level. Participation of girl in management is complex and involves personal factors. You should opt for  teaching”Her parents said. 

Now she is clearly in a dilemma as both her parents and her passion are equally important to her . She gets paralyzed everytime she thought of choosing one.

At night when her mother called her name for dinner but there was no response. As mother entered the room she found nothing but a note. 

“With deep sad I am writing this. I m going forever. Don’t try to find me. I cannot breathe properly in my own house. You have control on my breathe” were words on her note. 

P.s-she neither chose her parents nor her passion. She chose to set herself free. She doesn’t let her dilemma to demolish her. 


16 thoughts on “Dilemma.

  1. Good post about the dilemma of wanting to love & acknowledge your parents but also pursue your own liberty. Very heartfelt. You are a person first and then you are a female. And if management is what you aspire to be, then be it. But from a parent’s perspective, maybe they are afraid of some of the consequences of this career choice. Ultimately we parents can never give up on our role to protect our “little” ones. I look forward to reading posts of a “strong me”. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep writing!

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