We all have phobia,phobia from heights,darkness,loneliness. But she has phobia of being in public places. She is suffering from agoraphobia. Everytime she enters the world,she is mistreated,feels unsafe.she feels like walking in maze. She doesn’t want to put her feet into the world coz she knows the people inside the world.They are heartless,they discriminate,they encourage domestic violence.she knows the truth that taking birth as a woman in a society is a real big struggle right from the beginning itself.

She wants to scream until her voice cracks. 

                                              –Reva Rajput 



9 thoughts on “Phobia 

  1. In looking at your gravatar picture, I’m thinking that you are writing about your own experience. I feel sad that this is true for you but am glad through your blog you will have a way to share it with others.

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