Her day starts with smile 😄 and ends with tears😔 rolling down through her cheeks. Her pillow has seen mostly of her tears.She cried all night silently.she was trapped in her heart💕 like a lion in a cage💌.
Then she asked herself 👧 is dis her life? Crying at corner of her room,crying on her bed.then she realized 😨realized dis is her life 😄bful life❤but in someone’s hand✋…like a lion in circus.lion have power .power of attack but he can’t use his power because his power is in the hands of his owner👐.lion needs COURAGE to free himself. lion needs  COURAGE for his freedom. She is the lion here. Craving for freedom but isn’t really free yet. 
Yes! She has to speakup instead of crying👏.that was a night when she cried,murmured slowly,😃then realized this is her life she should rule it.
Now she is stronger than before she learnt to have COURAGE. Last night she learnt a new word which can change her life.she will speak up irrespective of all the  consequences😊 afterall this is her life 

                                                  –Reva rajput



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