Its all about how we think😎


True words aren’t elaborate. 
Elaborate words aren’t true.

Good people don’t argue. 
People who argue aren’t good. 

People who know aren’t full of facts. 
People who are full of facts 
don’t know. 

The sage doesn’t hoard. 
She increases her treasure by
working for her fellow human beings. 
She increases her abundance 
by giving herself to them. 

The way 
of heaven: 
benefit all, harm none. 
The way of the sage: work 
for all, contend 
with none.


Its all about u🤗


going out the door, 
you can know the world. 
Without looking out the window, 
you can see heaven. 
The farther you travel, 
the less you 

Thus the 
wise person knows 
without traveling, understands 
without seeing, 
acting. 😎


Its all on u😎

The greatest 
perfection seems imperfect, 
yet its usefulness is endless. 
The greatest fullness seems empty, 
yet its usefulness is 
inexhaustible. Great 
straightness seems flexible. 
Great skill looks clumsy. 
Great eloquence sounds 
awkward. Movement 
triumphs over cold. 
Stillness triumphs over heat. 
Clarity and tranquility set 
the whole world 
in order. 


others is intelligence; 
knowing the self is 

others is power; 
conquering the self
is strength. 

Know what is enough, 
and you’ll be rich. Persevere, 
and you’ll develop a will. 

in the center, 
and you’ll always be at home. 
Die without dying, and 
you’ll endure